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Do you feel like your business account is not growing at all? You get a few followers once in a while, but just not enough to make a significant growth? Instagram used to be a platform where you just simply post a picture and you saw chronologically all the pictures from the accounts you were following. Unfortunately, that ship has sailed. Today, especially with Instagram’s smart feed, your branding matters.

Here are there three reasons why no one wants to follow you anymore.


The competition on Instagram is high and every single picture has to be perfect. Posting a quick snap you just quickly took during lunch is not enough anymore. If you want to take your Instagram business to the next level, you need to have quality pictures. You don’t need to take every picture with a professional camera, iPhone is fine, but you should, however, follow these few simple rules:

–    Make sure that the light is good. Don’t take a picture in the dark or where the sun shines directly in the camera.

–    Natural light is better than the yellowish light inside a room.

–    Make sure the picture is not blurry. Zoom in the picture and double check whether you have set the focus on the right place


Once you have your quality picture the process is not finished yet. You could use a filter, but personally, I suggest editing the pictures without a filter. The most important thing, however, is to edit the pictures so that they all have the same style. Whether you want them all bright and clear or intense with a high amount of saturation – choose your style and stick to it. Play around in the beginning with a few pictures until you found the style that represents you and then keep using it for every picture.


Now that your pictures are all of a high quality and in the same style, you need to decide in which order you are going to post them. You can use the free app called Preview to place your pictures and arrange them until the feed looks aesthetically appealing.

If you use the Preview app you can see how your Instagram feed would look like and if you need to edit the pictures a little bit more so they would match together.

I always suggest picking brand colors and only posting pictures that are in that color scheme. For example, if your brand colors are warm earthy colors you wouldn’t post a cold blue picture and if your color scheme is blue and green you wouldn’t post a sunset picture because it would be in red and orange tones. This might seem like a lot of work in the beginning, but after a while, you get a sense of what picture will match your feed and what picture wouldn’t. If you still want to post it, use the Instagram stories.

You also want to make sure that you have a variety of pictures. For example, if you are photographer don’t post two portrait pictures in a row, but mix it up with a landscape picture.



Hello there, I am Nadine, a Social Media Strategist who helps small businesses and entrepreneurs to grow their empires with social media.

I see Social Media not really as selling tool but as something to build a community and trust. I believe in long-term strategies, big ideas and honest partnerships rather than in selling quick fixes.

My passion is to create magical and meaningful content and to help others to do the same.

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  1. This is so true – strategic planning that’s in line with your brand is key to making it on Instagram and other social platforms. Great article.

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